Fixing frosting issue and gym refurbishment.

Fixing frosting issue and gym refurbishment.

We have a big room above the garage, which we turned into gym room. This recent renovation project is a result of a problem called wall “frosting” or “hazing”. The amount of white chalky dust that was seeping through the roof and wall panels was too much and it was noticeable when I was out of breath – not ideal for exercise room. You can read more about this rare painting condition on some DIY forums here and here. The whole interior of the gym was covered in this “chalk”, which as far as I understand, calcium deposits seeping through the paint or wood treatment. I would swipe the finger through the panel and it would be covered in white dust. I’d wash the whole room, and it would reappear as soon as the walls were dry. It took me a while to find the above forums and learn what the problem was.

In our case it was not the paint, but the whitewash for wood that caused this. I’m still not sure why though. It could be poor quality product used or it could be that the product was not supposed to be used on untreated wood. It was done before we moved in this house, so we could not find out exactly what could cause this problem. The fix involved washing the whole room again with pre-paint interior wash and applying two coats of thick, oil based wood sealer/primer. Followed by two coats of interior water based paint.

Applying sealant and painting these panels was hard and time consuming work, because you need both rollers and thin brushes for grooves. I found the best and most even finish is achieved by doing groove – plank – groove – plank rotation. One at a time, but the whole length of the room. That was a lot of switching between roller and brush, but both the primer and the paint was drying fast, so if I would do only grooves first, then planks, the paint strokes would be visible.

I chose 3 different colours, which increased the work volume even further, but I’m very pleased with the result! Most importantly – no more dust! I hope this helps to anyone with a similar problem. I really struggled to find info about this.

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