My Favourite Teas

My Favourite Teas

I am a huge tea lover and a bit of a tea snob. I buy tea blends and single-ingredient teas to make my own uniques blends. So I thought I’ll share the collection of my favorite teas.

Oolong Tea.

I have recently tried lightly oxidized Si Ji Chun Oolong from Taiwan and I definitely recommend it. It has a mild, aromatic flavour and a very pleasant smell of blooms. My 5-year-old toddler was very interested in this tea and asked for a cup herself because it smelled so nice. In general, Oolong tea has little caffeine and provides calming effect. You can read more about Oolong tea and its different varieties here and I highly recommend trying it.

Earl Grey.

cup of tea

This is classic and must be loose weight to fully appreciate the taste of black tea and the smell of bergamot. Traditional English breakfast or afternoon tea. It has a mild flavour and couples perfectly with a slice of lemon.

Green Mate.

Look at that colour! South America’s alternative to Chinese green tea. I love this tea because it has a milder taste than regular green tea. It is sort of a step between Chinese green tea and Japanese matcha. It has a very nice green colour at a time of pouring, which turns intense deep green after cooling. I love it because I can drink it as is, without lemon or sweetener to compensate for the bitter taste of traditional green tea. It is also much more affordable than matcha, but has similar properties and is used for tea ceremonies in South America. It can be bought together with a special whisk and a pot.

Red Rooibos.

A cup of red rooibos tea

I buy bags of organic rooibos in loose weight. When it is good quality, it has notes of vanilla and a sweet taste. A perfect cup of tea for the evening if you want to avoid caffeine. It is especially good with something sweet.

Specialty And Herbal Teas.

NORD-T Outdoors

Who wants a cup of ‘Hygge’? If you like special blends and designer packaging, I highly recommend Nord-T from Finland. Their teas are wonderful! Clean, good for health, taste great and, with its good looking packaging and amusing names (like Moose on the Loose or Frost Bites), it looks good on the shelf too! Nord-T makes Nordic craft teas, blending organic teas with Finnish berries and herbs. They also have single origin teas, named after cities: Oslo, Reykjavik, Copenhagen, etc. I have discovered them very recently and already tried some of the blends. Also, these teas would make a great present for any tea lover.

NORD-T blends

Another recent discovery of mine is the House of Tea from Sweden. I struggled to buy a good chamomile tea some time ago. I know how it sounds, but trust me, a good camomile tea tastes nothing like tea bags you buy in a supermarket. So, after some searching, I bought a bag of organic chamomile tea from the House of Tea and THAT was a proper taste of chamomile! It smelled wonderfully of honey and was only made of flowers. Since then, I have also discovered a variety of other interesting herbal teas, like:

Greek mountain tea, which is very popular in Greece both in cooking and tea making. It is made of Sideritis flower that grows in Greek mountains. It has a mild herby taste and smell, similar to nettle, but milder.

Soba tea, where you brew small roasted buckwheat groats. It is Japaneese herbal tea and has a very distinct nutty flavour.

Linden Blossom tea is another favourite of mine and I always reach for a jar of dried linden flowers when I get cold or flu. I don’t know if this tea really does possess any antiviral properties, but it sure does help to inhale a steam that smells like honey. It tastes delicious too, a kind of sweeter herbal tea. I highly recomment trying it.

Dried Linden Blossom Tea

And of course my tea story would not be complete without hibiscus flower tea. It has a mildly sour, citrus-like  flavour and a bright red colour. Hibiscus tea helps to lower blood pressure, so it is a very good tea to have during stressfull days. It is also perfect for blends and goes well with a veriety of other teas, like cammomile, rooibosh and black tea.

hibiscus flowers

Now, go make yourself a cuppa!

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