Let me introduce myself…

This is my fourth blog and I hope it will be a permanent one. I have been writing about cooking, health and fitness for over a decade now, managing multiple blogs. My Green House is the attempt to bring it all together.

In My Green House (and yes, my house is actually green) I publish my most successful kitchen endeavors, ranging from lacto-ovo-pescetarian recipes to vegan ones. I do not eat mammals or birds, but a bit of fish every now and then is acceptable. I also write about my adventures in growing my own organic veggies, parenting skills that I have learned, my exercise routines, travel experiences, gaming and life in general. This blog is my diary and writing outlet.

I am obsessed with self-improvement, health, fitness and longevity. I have spent years of reading, taking nutrition courses and doing my own research on various health and fitness related subjects and I work as nutrition and supplement adviser. I was interviewed by Marie Claire magazine and Daily Mail newspaper in England. Those articles were absolutely awful and it has put me off giving interviews, but it is worth mentioning that I piqued the interest of some mass media journalists through Humanity+ group I have been a member of in London.

I was born in the far east of Russia, where I was influenced by Chinese, Korean and Japanese cultures. During my teens I moved to Moscow, where I started university and in my late teens I moved to England, where I finished university and established my working life. Since then, I have traveled extensively all over Europe and have been to US once. Half of my family are German, so I’ve been visiting Germany quite a lot too, and now I live in Norway. So I like to call myself European.